In July, the Crypto Climate Accord (CCA) — a collaborative private sector-led initiative to decarbonize the crypto and blockchain industry — surpassed 150 Supporters. More than 40% of the CCA Supporter community are Signatories, making an additional commitment to reach and prove net-zero emissions from electricity consumption associated with their bottom-up crypto related operations by 2030. This all indicates growing support within and outside this sector for bold, fast climate action — so let’s make it happen.

“We are excited to join the Crypto Climate Accord and contribute open-source solutions to the crypto sector,” said Alan Ransil, Research Scientist at…

Tesla recently proclaimed it will resume accepting Bitcoin as payment once the cryptocurrency’s miners achieve 50% sourcing from renewable energy. Tesla’s position is demonstrative of growing demands among crypto investors (and investors more generally) to prove the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) credentials of investment options.

In response, today nonprofit Energy Web is releasing an open-source architecture for a “Green Hashrate” application that will enable Bitcoin miners to claim and verify the amount of renewable electricity used in their operations from the bottom-up. There are several expected market applications, including:

  • Enabling green mining pools to require proof of renewables for…

Plus, Updates on Renewable Energy Sourcing for Crypto Market Participants and the CCA Objectives

It has been about one month since we launched the Crypto Climate Accord (CCA). At this stage, we have already expanded the community of CCA Supporters to more than 40 organizations from across the crypto and energy sector and captured various insights through interviews with Supporters about how we can make progress quickly toward decarbonizing the crypto sector.

In light of the latest uptick in conversations around crypto-related energy use (sparked earlier this week by Tesla’s decision to no longer accept BTC payments for its vehicles until there is progress toward sourcing from renewables), we are happy to see growing…

New Supporters Span Four Continents and Multiple Industries

Zug, Switzerland — 22 April 2021 — The Crypto Climate Accord (CCA), a private-sector led initiative to decarbonize the crypto and blockchain industry, is taking shape and gaining momentum just two weeks after its launch. This Earth Day, we are proud to announce the newest CCA Supporters: 3Degrees, Envision Digital, Foton, Mercados Eléctricos (MerElec), RECS International, Reneum, RSK, XM, World Economic Forum, as well as various energy and blockchain startup companies, including Emergi, Libra Project, Mantle, and …

Brings together the likes of CoinShares, ConsenSys, Ripple, and the UNFCCC Climate Champions to lead sustainability in blockchain and crypto

Zug, Switzerland, Washington, D.C., and Boulder, CO April 8, 2021Energy Web, Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) and the Alliance for Innovative Regulation (AIR) today announced the launch of the Crypto Climate Accord — a private sector-led initiative committed to making the cryptocurrency industry 100% renewable. Inspired by the Paris Climate Agreement, the Accord brings together the crypto and financial technology (fintech) industry to build a sustainable future for global finance with support from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Climate Champions.

Surging demand for crypto and accelerating adoption of blockchain-based solutions among businesses and individuals…

Crypto Climate Accord

An initiative to #decarbonize #crypto by powering #blockchain with 100% #renewableenergy. Cofounded by Energy Web, RMI, and AIR. #makecryptogreen

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